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Um baralho igualitário | Nível intermediário

Uma adolescente criou um baralho digno do século XXI.

Este texto é de nível intermediário.

As palavras grifadas têm explicação ao final do texto.


A gender-equal, diverse set of playing cards

Maayan Segal is 16 years old, and has already released the second version of her gender-equal playing card deck, Queeng -- this time, it embraces both diversity and gender equality.

The first version of Queeng was released three years ago and sold over 50,000 decks. In it, king and queen cards became equal. Two of the standard four jacks became princesses, and it also included a female joker. But people still said that Segal's cards weren't fully inclusive. So she recreated her own invention.

Segal first had the idea for Queeng while playing a card game with her family on vacation.

"Why is the queen card worth less than the king?" she asked her father. He couldn't answer.

As a response to that question, they launched Queeng, a deck that redistributed the cards' values. In it, "Monarch" cards -- which can be male or female -- replace the value of former king cards. "Dutchess" or "Duke" cards replace queen cards, and "Prince" or "Princess" cards replace jack cards.

Following the responses from her clients, Segal created Queeng Playing Cards 2.0, now not only gender-equal, but racially and ethnically diverse. The hand-drawn cards now represent a range of skin tones and facial features.

Segal has also included both right- and left-handed decks in the project's newest edition. After five days, she had already sold over 4,000 decks.

Texto adaptado de artigo da CNN. Você pode ler o original aqui.


Você também pode me ouvir lendo o texto no áudio abaixo!



Deck (noun)

Here: a set of 54 playings cards.

Jack (noun)

Here: the card represented by the letter J in a playing cards deck, traditionally a male figure.

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