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Os sons de Marte | Nível avançado

A sonda Perseverance enviou à Terra os primeiros sons gravados na superfície do Planeta Vermelho.

Este texto é de nível avançado.

As palavras grifadas têm explicação ao final do texto.


The sounds of Mars

The first sounds captured on Mars are music to NASA’s ears, and you can hear them now.

Upon reaching the surface of the Red Planet, the Perseverance Rover beamed back data fascinating even for the standards of a Mars rover built with the most number of cameras across its kind. Earlier, it shared a 360-degree look at the landing site in incredible 4K detail, and it has since delivered some audio from the Martian surface.

NASA has released two audio clips of the Perseverance rover’s first sounds from the Red Planet. The first includes noise from the rover itself, while the second is an edited version that focalizes on the Martian breeze. They're both very subtle, but impressive.

Quite notably, NASA pointed out that it wasn’t the rover’s microphone that had picked up the audio, but a “commercial device” that amazingly “survived the highly dynamic descent to the surface and obtained sounds from Jezero Crater on February 20.”

“Perseverance is just getting started, and has already provided some of the most iconic visuals in space exploration history. It reinforces the remarkable level of engineering and precision that is required to build and fly a vehicle to the Red Planet.”

The Perseverance rover will be a central tool in NASA’s discovery of ancient microbial life on Mars and will help the space agency prepare for human exploration on the Red Planet.

You can hear the audios here and here.

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To be music to someone's ears (expression)

To be a great, pleasant thing to hear

Beamed, to beam (verb)

To transmit a radio signal in a specified direction.

Descent (noun)

The movement of going down from a high place to a lower place, usually of an aircraft or flying device.

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