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O lar dos deuses aposentados | Nível intermediário

Existe um lugar meio escondido em Hong Kong onde estátuas de deuses são levadas para "se aposentar". Conheça um pouco desse lugar fantástico nessa adaptação de uma reportagem da BBC!

Este texto é de nível intermediário.

As palavras grifadas têm explicação ao final do texto.


The retirement home of the gods

There is a place in Hong Kong called the Waterfall Bay Park. It is a tranquil oasis. And the real wonder of this place surprises most visitors: it houses thousands of colorful statues of gods and buddhas. And there's an old gentleman that takes care of them.

"I’ve been looking after the gods here for more than 30 years,” says Wong Wing-pong, the 88-year-old man. This place is known as “a sky full of gods and buddhas”.

There were only a few statues three decades ago, but as time went on, the place became covered with them. He estimates that there are now at least 2,000 to 3,000.

Word got out that this was the place to bring abandoned gods,” he said. “It’s become like a retirement home for them. When people no longer have space for the statues at home, they bring them here.”

Religions like Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism all have gods. It's common for people to have small statues at home. But as apartments get smaller and smaller, there's not much space left for them. Throwing them away is considered bad luck. So people in Hong Kong often leave their chipped or faded gods on street corners. These often attract others, creating small "shrines" across the city.

The alternative is to bring discarded gods to Wong. A devout Buddhist since his younger days, he says it’s divine will that made him the caretaker here.

Wong visits the site twice a day, usually in the morning and then again in late afternoon. His usual routine involves sweeping away leaves, cleaning the statues and fixing any cracked or broken idols with the tube of instant glue he always carries in his pocket. By taking good care of the gods, Wong believes they will take good care of him and he will continue to receive their blessings. And there are gods from all religions here. They're all accepted.

“All the feng shui masters have said this is a great place,” said Wong. “I believe it was fate that people started bringing them here. It was destined to be.” He says that even when the weather is hot in the summer, the place remains cool; and when the weather is cold in the winter, it doesn’t get too cold.

“I believe the good energy of this place will lead visitors to continue to come and worship the gods,” he said. “Even when I’m gone, someone will be guided here to look after them. The gods will make sure they are looked after. It’s fate.”

Texto adaptado de reportagem da BBC. Leia o texto integral aqui.


Você também pode me ouvir lendo o texto no áudio abaixo!



Word got out (expression)

People started talking about it, the information spread

Chipped (adjective)

With small broken spots, usually in the corners

Faded (adjective)

With less color than when it was new

Shrine (noun)

A place where you keep a god statue, candles, offerings, etc. and pray

Devout (adjective)

Dedicated, serious

Will (noun)

Here: intention

To sweep away (phrasal verb)

To get rid of something using a broom

To worship (verb)

To be devout to a god, to adore it and idolize it

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