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Jogos de Páscoa | Nível básico

Para celebrar este feriado, nada como um bom jogo - com ovos, claro!

Este texto é de nível básico.

As palavras grifadas têm explicação ao final do texto.


Easter traditional games

There are many traditional Easter games and customs in the Christian world, and most include Easter eggs. These games are probably based in ancient fertility cults. The rules also vary in different cultures and places.

Egg games

Egg rolling

The rules of egg rolling may vary a lot. The basic idea is an egg race. The eggs are either rolled down a hill or pushed across a lawn with sticks.

Egg hunt

Egg hunt is a kind of treasure hunt game: children have to find and collect as many hidden eggs as possible. Usually this game is played in gardens and around the house.

Egg tapping

Egg tapping tests the hardest egg. First, the eggs are hard-boiled. Then the contestants tap the eggs against each other. You have to break the other person's egg without breaking your own.

Egg dance

Egg dance involves dancing among eggs, and you cannot break them! In some traditions the egg dancer may be blindfolded.

Egg throwing

In many parts of Germany, a popular Easter game is egg throwing. There are no winners or losers. Participants throw a painted and decorated hard-boiled egg as far as possible across the fields. If it doesn't break, you throw again. Sometimes it takes a long time to break.

Egg tossing

Another version of egg throwing. This is a team game, and you play in pairs. One person tosses an egg to another. If the egg does not break, they step apart and the toss is repeated. The contest continues until there is only one team with an unbroken egg.

On July 4, 2011, in Idaho, USA, 2,130 people participated in an egg tossing game. That's a world record. And on November 12, 1978, a guy successfully tossed an egg as far as 98.51m!


Você também pode me ouvir lendo o texto no áudio abaixo!



Race (noun)

A game where people run, and the first person to arrive at the finish line wins.

Lawn (noun)

An area of short grass in a yard, garden, or park.

Stick (noun)

A long piece of wood.

Tapping, to tap (verb)

To hit (someone or something) quickly and lightly (for example, tap dance is a dance where you use metal plates on your shoes to tap on the floor, making sound).

Hard boiled (adjective)

An egg boiled in hot water until it becomes hard.

Contestant (noun)

A competitor in a game.

Blindfolded (adjective)

Wearing something to cover the eyes, so you can't see.

Field (noun)

A large area of short grass.

Tossing, to toss (verb)

To throw something without much strength, lightly, often for someone to catch.

To step apart (phrasal verb)

To take steps in order to increase the distance from someone or something.

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