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Faça um tour pelas pirâmides - de casa! | Nível intermediário

A Universidade de Harvard acaba de abrir um tour digital das pirâmides e diversas outras atrações de Gizé, no Egito - totalmente gratuito!

Este texto é de nível intermediário.


A digital tour of the Giza Pyramids

Most people haven't traveled last year due to the COVID pandemic. That is the main reason why many cultural and artistic institutions offered alternatives - using the digital world. People were suddenly able to discover things, visit museums and "travel" without leaving their homes.

Now, thanks to Harvard University’s knowledge-design studio metaLAB, you’ll be able to explore the pyramids at Giza in Egypt. Its Digital Giza Project — uncovered by Open Culture — shows the archaeological Egyptian sites through documents obtained by Harvard, the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, and many other institutions. These are now digitized and published for free, to people all over the world.

Perhaps the most notable part of the project is the ‘Giza 3D’ tour, which contains reconstructions of the major sites of Giza, such as its pyramids, the Great Sphinx, its tombs and its temples, totally in 3D.

Thanks to the project, you can now explore some of the world’s most precious archaeological zones from your own home. Check the videos below! You can also enjoy more content from the Digital Giza Project here.

Texto adaptado de artigo da Design Taxi. Você pode ler o original aqui.


Você também pode me ouvir lendo o texto no áudio abaixo!



Blurry (adjective)

Without focus, not clear and sharp.

Smudge (noun)

A blurred mark or stain on the surface of something.

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