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Como detectar uma foto fake? | Nível avançado

Hoje em dia dificilmente vemos uma imagem 100% original. Mas como detectar as alterações?

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How to tell if a photo is fake

When you look at a professional photo, it is likely to have been retouched a few times. Editing tools have become so advanced, it’s often virtually impossible to identify which parts of a photo have been altered. Thankfully, there are some things that can help distinguish what’s real and what's fake.

The most obvious way to look for photoshopped details, of course, is to see if the image looks natural. Are there areas in the image—particularly near a model’s waist or face—that seem especially blurry or pixelated? This is a sign that it has been altered using Photoshop tools.

Another way to immediately spot alterations is to study the image’s shadows and highlights and note if they’re against the law of physics. However, there can be details that look altered but are simply results of unusual lighting, or even a smudge on a camera lens.

For a more in-depth analysis, consider verification tools like FotoForensics, a free and fast checker that looks for possible abnormalities in photos. It works in a way that is similar to a microscope, by highlighting elements easily missed by the human eye. It also runs on an Error Level Analysis (ELA) algorithm that points out inconsistencies in the JPEG compression rate, which can translate as textures or edges that seem to be inconsistent.

It’s worth noting, however, that this forensics tool doesn’t explicitly point out errors. It simply offers clues to help you discover if a photo is real or fake - and how fake.

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Blurry (adjective)

Without focus, not clear and sharp.

Smudge (noun)

A blurred mark or stain on the surface of something.

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