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As origens vikings do Bluetooth | Nível avançado

Esse símbolo que vemos todo dia no nosso celular tem origens vikings!

Este texto é de nível avançado.

As palavras grifadas têm explicação ao final do texto.


The viking origins of the Bluetooth symbol

If you own a laptop, smartphone, or any other electronic device, there is a chance you might have seen the Bluetooth symbol lingering on your screen.

Bluetooth is a term synonymous with wireless technology and connection. The history of the Bluetooth name began when engineers Jim Kardach and Sven Mattisson met over beer and realized they needed a catchy name for the technology.

Their conversation led to the history of the Vikings, including the king of Denmark, Harald “Bluetooth” Gormsson. The nickname “Bluetooth” came about because he had a dead tooth which was said to have a dark blue/gray color.

The king was credited for uniting Norway and Denmark, and the engineers thought it befitting for a technology that would connect the PC and cellular networks with a short-range wireless link.

Now, when you see the Bluetooth symbol, you will certainly see the connection between a king who united armies, and a connectivity standard that unites modern devices.

If you take a closer look at the Bluetooth logo, it also has a hidden secret. The symbol contains two letters—the Nordic runes for the letters “H” and “B,” which stand for “Harald Bluetooth.” The two letters are combined to form the famous symbol we know today.

The Bluetooth logo features two unified letters painted in white, displayed against a blue background. The name of the technology is displayed together with the symbol in bold black letters. The logo as a whole aims to signify connections with “unison, strength, and reliability.”

Texto adaptado de artigo da Design Taxi. Você pode ler o original aqui.


Você também pode me ouvir lendo o texto no áudio abaixo!



Lingering, to linger (verb)

To stay in a place without doing anything special, and without leaving.

Catchy (adjective)

Something that catches people's attentions and stays in their minds.

Came about, to come about (phrasal verb)

To appear, to be thought of and spoken about.

Befitting (adjective)

Something that fits, that matches something else.

Unison (noun)

Simultaneous performance of action.

Reliability (noun)

Trustworthiness, the ability to trust and rely on something.

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