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A tomografia - de uma múmia! | Nível intermediário

Nem só seres vivos passam por uma tomografia...

Este texto é de nível intermediário.


A CT scan - of a mummy!

A very old patient of the Policlinico of Milan hospital was put through a CT scan, but not because of any accidents or pain.

To discover its identity and find out more about its life, researchers moved a mummy from Bergamo’s Civic Archaeological Museum to the hospital and scanned it, hoping to reconstruct the burial practices dating some 3,000 years back.

The mummy is believed to belong to a priest from 900 to 800 BC named Ankhekhonsu, meaning “the god Khonsu is alive,” as it was written five times on the sarcophagus.

Such analysis can also explain ancient diseases, and result in advancements in modern medicine.

Texto adaptado de artigo da Design Taxi. Você pode ler o original aqui.

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