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A Farmer's Love Letter | Nível avançado

Esta é uma brincadeira charmosa que eu conheci em Nova Iorque - estava estampada em um pano de prato e eu não resisti e comprei. Apesar de simples, ela usa vários nomes de legumes e vegetais, e faz trocadilhos que nem sempre são fáceis de sacar. Mas de qualquer forma é uma ótima forma de aprender um pouco de vocabulário! Vamos lá?

Este texto é de nível avançado.


A Farmer's Love Letter

Have a look at the text below. The vegetables' and fruits' names are part of the text, too. Can you replace them by words? Pay attention to the sound, not the way the names are spelled.

After you've tried, have a look at the answer below!











A Farmer's Love Letter

Vegetables (in order):

• Carrot (cenoura)

• Beets (beterraba)

• Squash (abóbora)

• Onion (cebola)

• Peach (pêssego)

• Radish (rabanete)

• Turnip (nabo)

• Apple (maçã)

• Cantaloupe (melão)

• Lettuce (alface)

• Pear (pêra)

That's how the text reads without the illustrations:

"Do you care at (carrot) all for me, for my heart beats (beets) for you and my love is as soft as a squash but as strong as an onion. For you are a peach with your reddish (radish) hair and turned-up (turnip) nose. You are the apple of my eye, so if we can't elope (cantaloupe) then let us (lettuce) marry anyhow, for I know we could make a happy pair (pear)."

Some of the words make up actual idioms of the English language:

To be soft as a squash

An old expression that means someone or something is soft, not very strong or solid.

To be strong as an onion

Another old expression, refers to the taste of the onion.

You are a peach

You can say this either sincerely or sarcastically to someone as a compliment, meaning they are kind. Often used after saying thank you.

The apple of my eye

Something or someone that you cherish, that you like, above all others. It's equivalent to the Portuguese expression "menina dos olhos".

Other words you might be asking yourself the meaning:

Reddish (adjective)

Of red color. Comes from the word "red".

To elope (verb)

To secretly run away together, usually to get married, and usually without the parents' consent.

Turned-up (adjective)

Literally turned upwards, something like "arrebitado".

What do you think? Did you like the farmer's love letter?


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